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  1. You will need to create a Notion account if you don’t have one already (it’s free - don’t worry!)
  2. Click the DUPLICATE icon in the top right corner to recreate this worksheet in your account
  3. To use this worksheet, choose just one area of focus to dedicate your energy towards.
  4. Go through each dropdown section to Clarify Your Vision and watch it become your reality!
  5. Revisit and revise your vision on a cyclical basis - either at the start of each month, each season, or each year.

Enjoy and have FUN! ✨ xo Hollis


<aside> <img src="/icons/view_blue.svg" alt="/icons/view_blue.svg" width="40px" /> THE FOCUS

  1. *Identifying your current situation and what isn’t working/what you desire to change.

  2. Clarifying the reality you most want to embody in place of this pain point.

  3. Strategizing simple, practical action steps to make this desired reality possible.*



What do you have within you that will help you achieve this vision?

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If you have any questions about the worksheet, feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you asap! [email protected]


**Reality is created by the mind. We can change our reality by changing our mind.

My area of focus for my vision is:

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1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to be?

3. Why do you want this vision to be real?

4. What steps do you need to take to make your vision a reality?

5. Manifest your vision